About Kestrel & Buzzard

K&B is one of the leading marketing consulting firms, providing research, marketing planning and corporate designing services to all business sectors. We deliver actionable data and analysis with recommendations based on highly advanced marketing research techniques.

K&B specializes in B2B Clients and provides an approach designed for a growth strategy that integrates extensive, disciplined Market analysis with suggestions and recommendations for research, planning and corporate desgning, leading to successful business growth and high impact marketing solutions that wallop the end results.

We never limit our approach to the use of one particular method or technique because business and their services vary; that is the reason why we provide you the best appropriate solution as per your need. We always extend full support and cooperation with our client to overcome any communication gap, ensure valuable knowledge transfer and solution ownership to achieve contining success..


To become internationally trusted & ethical marketing consultancy company bound to measure its achievements with clients' success.


Building long term business relationships with clients through knowledge, innovation and strategic approach of top class marketing professionals on board, and delivering clients with the most appropriate tailored solutions to achieve sustainable growth.