Customer Surveys

One of the key principle of Quality management is listening to your customers and identifying their needs and wants. Customer survey is an essential tool that provides information about customer expectations & customer satisfaction and helps devise strategies for improvement.

Customer Surveys are cost-effective and provides rapid delivery of valuable results. For Companies that are committed to Customer retention, Customer Surveys play a vital role for them in achieving the desired objective.

Customer Surveys at K&B

Kestrel & Buzzard is a leading B2B market research consultancy having proficiency in different research activities including Customer Surveys. Our experience domain comprises expertise in all types of surveys including on-field interviews, mail, and telephone surveys.

We have extensive market research experience, through developing survey questionnaires according to principles of survey, tailored with reference to the client's requirement. We, at K&B, first study and gather all related particulars about the product/services from the market, manufacturer and services providers before developing a questionnaire to best-fit the research objectives.