Key Benefits of the Service

Mystery shopping is an effective way of evaluating a business from a true customer's perspective. It aids businesses evaluate their employees, customer service and product. It also assists in developing optimal strategies to achieve the measuring and improving quality objectives.
Mystery shopping is utilized in many industries including, retail, food, call centers, insurance, banks, airlines, hotels, communications, utilities, government entities, etc. virtually any business that requires any sort of contact with customers will benefit from such a service. By assigning reviewers to act as regular customers a business will obtain the best information possible regarding its branches, operations, customer service, facilities, and so on.

What do you know for sure?

  • Are you achieving maximum sales potential for your brand or service?
  • Are your Employees selling-up other product lines to the customer?
  • Are your Employees meeting the targeted level of customer care, performance, response times and company image?
  • Are your Employees living up to your Mission Statement and Customer Service Policy?
  • How are your key personnel performing in your branches?


Let our Mystery Shoppers view your business through the eyes of a customer. They are highly trained to provide a neutral, unbiased opinion, responding to your customized detailed examination criteria. Let us help you grow your business by sighting the strengths and weaknesses of your Customer Service.

We propose to become your Eyes & Ears by providing you with the exact information, assisting you identify areas of improvement for better retention and developing long-lasting relationship with the customers.